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An interactive presentation of career paths to track program graduates.

The Global Scholars Programs teaches entrepreneurial principles to international students. The six-month program includes coursework, mentors and internships. After completion, the students head into the workforce, continue studies or found companies. The Kauffman Foundation wanted a way to present the career paths of their graduates.

What We Did
Software Design, Development Documentation, Technical Training

Note: in the interest of privacy, we have removed actual scholar data from the below screens and replaced it with dummy data.

First, introduce the concept
To avoid information overload, the platform introduces a scholar’s career path separately with simple icons and colors for different positions in a company. This provides an overview of what each year’s class has gone on to do after graduation. Then a user can explore any scholar they choose.


The result
The career paths of the global scholars can still be tracked as they continue to further their careers. While the program officially concluded in June 2013, the Kauffman Foundation was able to use this data to inform its efforts in future programs. As the Kauffman Foundation’s website reports:

Over its seven years, the Global Scholars Program hosted students sponsored by governments and organizations from eight countries representing at least fourteen nationalities.