Plans du Jour

We crafted the brand, user experience and design for this SaaS platform.

Plans du Jour puts your favorite merchants at your fingertips, and helps merchants learn about their best customers. The platform helps customers and merchants interact directly. Merchants can increase customer traffic on slow days and improve customer loyalty. Customers can buy exclusive offers and earn rewards as they visit.

What We Did
Brand Identity, User Experience, iOS App Design, Android App Design, Responsive Website Design, Development Documentation

After working with Plans du Jour for several months, Wes joined their team full-time as the director of product management. In working with their team, Wes continued to work to evolve the system.

A simple customer experience
With full control over the merchants they interact with and what they’re shown, customers can manage their own experience. Wes streamlined the redemption process into fewer screens.


Make it work for any business
The merchant system was designed to help any type of business. This includes a more flexible rewards program proven to maximize profits and an offers program to fill covers only on the days needed.


The result
Plans du Jour has created an impressively flexible system that can help companies in multiple industries interact with their best customers. They are currently completing development.